About us

Who are us ?

Our business is focused on bedding, including duvets, blankets, pillows and their covers and pillowcases. Our company was established in 1962 in Nagoya (Aichi prefecture), a dynamic province in central Japan. We have our own factory, from which we create our products at the request of our customers. We strive to make perfect products using best components for the best quality.
For over 50 years our product range has highly evolved with customer’s requests. Thus, the products you can see on this website come from many years of innovation and hard work. They are designed for personal use as well as in a hostel, inn… Please contact us for more informations.

Why sell our products abroad ?

Since a certain time ago, bedding is considerably important in Japan and Japanese customers want the best products. And Japanese customers buy our products since 50 years ago. That’s why we think that our products are also suitable for western customers.
In addition, the seasons in Japan are really distinct : summer is hot and wet while winter is dry and cold. Thus, bedding articles (mainly blankets and pillows) should be made and designed for multiple purpose. So we have to seek best goods to provide customers an unique experience of comfort regardless of the season. We hope you enjoy using our products !

How to order ?

To order, please use our contact form following this link (contact form). The model and the desired quantity must be specified in your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

About this website and privacy policy

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