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We make high-quality duvets, pillows and covers from our factory located in Nagoya, Japan.

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Why choose our products ?

We sell our products in the US because we are proud of them. We make them to be appropriate to US customers as well as Japanese customers. We know that US customers are demanding, but we believe that our products are suitable for everyone for two main reasons.
First, we offer exceptional products. Japanese traditional bedding is very different from what US customers used to see. But scientists say that japanese bedding is much more suitable for physical well-being. Products available on this website are close to US products, but we tried to keep the exceptional comfort of japanese traditional bedding.
Then, our products are the fruit of know-how widely recognized by our customers. We think it's important to preserve a traditional savoirfaire, that's why we make our products following the customer's request. We try to keep an healthy and harmonious balance between duvet's weight and heat.

For these reasons, we sincerely hope to count you among our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us to get order or obtain more information about our products and their prices.